Daytona Track Day

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Daytona Track Day

Post by mooreken » Mon Oct 02, 2017 12:06 am

As Tom said, we made it to Daytona. I have to admit that I was a little intimidated by the big O'l track. Sense I have never run the Cobra on a wet or damp road I was a little skittish heading out. I elected to go out with the lower HP and slower cars and I choose to start on the tail end.
However the car performed very well even on the Nitto NT01's that I had on.

The first session went well so on the second session I moved up in the lane of the slower cars and had a go of it. It started to sprinkle some rain and I almost came in because my wipers don't work. However I stuck with it and while vision in the infield was poor, once on the Nascar track the higher speed blew the water off. It then cleared up and the track started to dry out.
I can't really explain the feeling of turning onto the High Banks, lets just say that there was a very wide grin on an O'l dirt racers face.

The third session the track was dry and I was feeling much more in control as we went at it. The GPS said I hit 135 mph as my highest top speed. Even thou I lifted every time in the middle of the Nascar turns. The car was still pulling hard but it just had more nerve than I had. I think that if I hadn't lifted the speed should have been near 150. I just felt that was a little too fast for an old gray haired circle track racer on his first trip to the Big Track.

I do have video, but my phone mount is just not up to the job so it is very shaky, also a big bug met his demise on the windshield and the auto focus on the camera kept keying on the bug so the track view is a little fuzzy.

Here is the youtube link:

Click on the "gear" on the lower Rt and pick the HD setting.

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