The King's Head British Pub car show

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The King's Head British Pub car show

Post by mooreken » Sat Oct 20, 2018 10:42 pm

Do to my connection with my brothers Triumph TR250 and the fact that I was out driving around in my Cobra I stopped by to see the Triumph Club of North Florida show.
The parking lot was closed for the show but I got lucky and someone was pulling out right near the entrance outside of the parking lot along the side of the road. As I was getting out the traffic guard with the yellow vest came over and said that I could not park there...So I said ok and was getting back into the car.
He continued on to tell me that I had to park INSIDE the show...that the car looked too good to leave on the side of the ~~(::

While I didn't join the show to get an award the Cobra was well received and got a lot of attention. ..]
One of the spectators asked me to start it up so of course I did which gathered a crowd of its own. All and all I had a good time. Lots of really nice cars and cold beer.


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