Jay Leno's thoughts on "real Cobras"

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Jay Leno's thoughts on "real Cobras"

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I found this on the ol' interweb.
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Re: Jay Leno's thoughts on "real Cobras"

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Here's the intro that preceded it:
Robert Brown > ‎Backdraft Boyz

Every once in a while I run into a Cobra snob who says if it isn't endorsed by Shelby like a Superformance or a “Genuine" Continuation Cobra it isn't real. I've got news for people like that, if it wasn't built between 1962 and 1967/68 and imported in from AC Ltd. in Thames Ditton U.K. endorsed or not, it is still a replica, although you'll pay a "Kings Rasom" more so that you can say it is endorsed by Shelby. Does that make it any better, even if it is built of aluminum? Certainly questionable, however I think not. It just means the owner's ego had to have it and he/she had the necessary funds to pay the difference.

I've waited for this, being that Jay Leno could afford anything he wants. Shelby berated him for not buying an original, to which Jay said I like my aluminum built replica, I don't need an original. By the way, Jay personalized his replica by pulling the Ford FE 427 side oiler (as original), and installing a 427 SOHC in it. You've got to admire his personalization of his replica, plus like all his cars, it is a driver. I do admire those who own originals, especially those who drive them like Lynn Park aka "Mr. Cobra" and a few guys I know up in N.C. who have originals, such as Tom Cotter.

I love this article and what Jay Leno says about Cobra Replicas, so next time some snob says something because your BDR, ERA, Factory Five, Shell Valley, Unique, Contemporary, etc. is neither a SPF nor Shelby “Genuine “ endorsed Continuation Cobra, remind him you get the same thrill and saved a "boatload" of money in the process while realizing and driving your own dream in your own way/style!

Great article by Jay......enjoy!
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