Trailer tires (AKA "China Bombs")

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Trailer tires (AKA "China Bombs")

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Just thought I'd post this note I wrote to a Cobra buddy after he had yet another trailer tire explode and damage the bodywork on his enclosed trailer.

Here's what I wrote:

Kay showed me your trailer tire misadventure you posted on Facebook.

I've had many (tooo many) experiences like that with the Goodyear Marathons on my trailer. On the internet they have been named "China Bombs" for what now is an obvious reason.

I just switched (actually, became an involuntary beta tester) to the new Goodyear Endurance tires.

The new Endurance tires had two reasons for me to buy them, aside from the fact that the Marathons are no longer available.

1. They are made in the US at Goodyear's truck tire plant in Gadsden AL.

2. They are one load range up from the Marathons - the originals were Load Range D, at 65 psi, the new ones are Load Range E, at 80 psi and have a higher load rating. They fit on the same rims that originally came with the trailer. Recall that my trailer has two 5K axles.

One personal data point: they went 2960 miles in four days without any drama. Half going up to WI empty (3260 pounds plus spare, winch, battery, tools etc etc) and half coming back with about 2500 more pounds (Mike's GT40).

As the guy who stepped off the 20 story building was heard to say as he passed each floor "so far, so good."

Thought you might want to consider replacing your present tires.

He replied, asking where I got them. I replied I got mine from Discount Tire. They are Goodyears - been out since about Feb - so they should be available anywhere Goodyear tires are sold.

I hope they continue to perform :ympray:

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