from cobrajeff: boredom fighter

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from cobrajeff: boredom fighter

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Got this from cobrajeff and thought it would be of interest to our fellow shut-ins:

If you’re observing “lockdown”, and worried you’re about to rub through the paint on your collector car as you polish it for the umpteenth
time, here a few links to occupy your time on the computer

I would imagine that by now, many of you have seen the video of the drone flying through the “Classic Car Mall” in Morgantown, PA. ... &FORM=VIRE

Interesting video, though I found myself wishing it could be slowed down a bit so I could study some of the cars a little more closely.
I found another video on YouTube where a guy walks through the Mall stopping to look at some of the cars. ... M%3DVDVVXX

It was interesting too, but I found myself wishing “why didn’t he turn left and focus on that Mustang?” And why was he so
fascinated with that ultimate scam POS Eleanor Mustang? (I love the “Gone in 60 Seconds” movie, but hate the inference
that this gussied-up Mustang is some kind of Shelby creation, and worth anything near what the shill bidders and hucksters
have tried to drive the prices up to).

So I looked up the “Classic Auto Mall” on Google, and visited their website. All of these cars are for sale on consignment.
They do a great job of posting detailed pictures of the cars, including exterior, interior, chassis, and data plates. They
show the mileage, a short story on the marque, details on the individual car, and an asking price – lots of good info.

There are many Mustangs, a number of 2-seat T’Birds, some Shelbys, a Pantera, and even an original Cobra in their inventory.
Be sure to look through the “Sold” section , too.

Screenshot (2215)
Screenshot (2215)[2].jpg
Screenshot (2215)[2].jpg (156.46 KiB) Viewed 1369 times

Screenshot (2214)
Screenshot (2214)[3].jpg
Screenshot (2214)[3].jpg (152.98 KiB) Viewed 1369 times

Screenshot (2220)
Screenshot (2220)[2].jpg
Screenshot (2220)[2].jpg (248 KiB) Viewed 1369 times

I’m adding this place to my “bucketlist”, and, if the Ford Nationals do go on at Carlisle sometime this year, I’m planning
to make this place a side-trip to my Carlisle schedule (looks like it is about a 90 minute drive East of Carlisle).

In the meantime, stay home, stay safe, and I hope to see each of you in good health at a car event later this year.

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