Daytona driver school April 6/7 2019

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Tom Wells
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Daytona driver school April 6/7 2019

Post by Tom Wells » Wed Mar 06, 2019 12:01 pm

The SCCA is having a Driver School/Track Event Novice/Solo at Daytona on the School Course April 6/7 2019

If you'd like to participate, I think you can get a weekend SCCA membership - unless you want a regular years membership - both are reasonable.

According to the web site at the cost is an extremely reasonable $220.

This is the school course which is entirely on the infield. If you want the full 24-Hour Rolex course, it will probably happen later in the year.

I'm still slightly puzzled over the registration details because it looks like only racers will be signed up. We were told at the meeting last month that track day folks will be accommodated too so I'll write Governor Moore and post the answer here.

This is the first time for a new registration web site, so they may still have some bugs...

Stay tuned,


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Re: Daytona driver school April 6/7 2019

Post by mooreken » Sat Mar 09, 2019 12:18 am

Well as you said there might still be some bugs in the sign up.
What I signed up for is:
SCCA-Central Florida Region Track and Time Trials/ Track event-novice and Solo Drivers. $120.00 For Saturday. It was another $120.00 For Sunday.
It was another $50.00 for an instructor.
I don't know if this is correct I figured they could straighten it out at the pay window....I'm sure all they want is to get the money from me and put me on the
I am in the listed sign up sheet on line...If you see me that is the one I am sign up for.

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