DSCC lunch 2-2-2020 Sebring

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Re: DSCC lunch 2-2-2020 Sebring

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Hey Guys,

Just wanted to wish y'all a safe and fun ride tomorrow down to Sebring. ..]

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Re: DSCC lunch 2-2-2020 Sebring

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Sorry guys, planning to work on the GT tomorrow instead, enjoy the run!
Tom Wells
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Re: DSCC lunch 2-2-2020 Sebring

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What a great day! Except maybe for starting out at a balmy 41 degrees...

Looked like about 25 or more Cobras at the lunch from all parts of the DSCC geography.

I'll hope others will post some photos - there were lots of the "regulars" and lots of new folks too. And tons of Cobras of all types to inspect and enjoy.

After lunch seven Cobras trekked over to the Sebring track where the Porsche folks were having a big race & track day. It was delightful to be welcomed into the track and even more so to be invited into the inner sanctum of the timing tower where we could view the whole track. There were some track-only cars running that were truly "hairy!" Kind of the icing on the cake of a great lunch.

Whoever arranged the weather did a good job for the rest of the day thankfully.

Until next year...
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