Carburetor problems (I believe)

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Carburetor problems (I believe)

Post by SKINNEDR » Thu Mar 22, 2018 2:10 pm

Guys, my name is Dexter Skinner.

I live in the Ormond Beach Florida area. After my car has been sitting for months, this passed weekend I decided to take it (Backdraft Cobra) out for a ride. While I was riding around, my car stalled half a dozen times until it shutoff completely and will not start again (approximately 45 minutes ride).
I was told by a bystander that flames were coming out of the tail pipes for a few seconds before it shutoff. I was able to get it towed home, but since then I'm unable to get it going again.
Is there anyone in the area that could lend a hand in getting this issue resolved?
I have limited knowledge of Carburetor.
I can do basic Mechanical work on my vehicle: brakes, oil change, etc.; however carburetor, no knowledge at all.

Backdraft Racing Cobra #471
Motor: 351 Windsor
Holley Carburetor
Electronic Fuel Pump

I live in Plantation Bay development at 1200 Kilkenny Court Ormond Beach Florida.
I'm available anytime day or night.

I was warned that if I do not know what I'm doing, to leave it alone and to make sure all work is done outside the garage, because of the potential of creating a fire.

I have only been living in the area around two years. Relocated from Midlothian Virginia.
I spend most of my time in Costa Rica during the year and travel back to Florida a few times a year.

Please help me out guys, I'm stuck!

Dexter Skinner

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Re: Carburetor problems (I believe)

Post by Avalanche325 » Fri Apr 13, 2018 4:21 pm


If the car has been sitting for a long time, the most likely culprits are old gas and sticky floats / needle valves. The fact that you threw flames out supports this. If the needle valves stick open you are going to flood. The carb likely needs to be disassembled and cleaned. Since you have an electric fuel pump, you could turn it on (don't start the engine) and look into the carb to see it fuel is dripping or squirting in.

Also, if you flood that bad, you can put so much fuel in the cylinders that it will leak past the rings and contaminate the oil. Pull the dipstick and give it a sniff. If it smells like gas, Change the oil and filter. This is also dangerous as it washes the oil off of the cylinders and pistons

In the future, if you are storing the car, use fuel stabilizer.

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