On Going Cobra Report

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On Going Cobra Report

Post by mooreken » Sat Jun 30, 2018 10:29 pm

The carb on the cobra has been a real challenge. Herb was kind enough send me a carb he had and it made a huge difference. With his guidance I went back to my 650cfm carb and have been working on it. The O2 meter is nice to work with but it has taken a few tries to figure out how to interpret the readings. I've decided that the 750 carb is just messed up. It never has done anything good from new. I think it is time to find it someone else's shelf to store it on.
While doing road tests the oil pan developed a leak. A large leak. With adding the crank scrapper plate I was imaging all sorts of things that could cause it. I narrowed it down to the ft near or around the bolt next to the timing cover area. Now the last time I tried to remove the pan I had to nearly pull the engine so I was a bit nervous.
But the motor gods smiled on me. I pulled the bolt added a flat washer(it was a short bolt but it might have been bottoming out) and some of that good sealer I got for the transmission to the threads and surrounding area. Woohoo leak gone.
With all the rain my yard/driveway to the garage is a soupy mess so now that I got the carb close I'm going to wait for a dry spell. I have mud and grass splashed all under the car and side pipes...
So with time on my hands I got an "accusump" off Ebay and will install it to keep busy.


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