1968 Triumph TR250 restoration

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1968 Triumph TR250 restoration

Post by mooreken » Wed Apr 17, 2019 10:20 pm

My brother and I have gotten a new project car to restore just for fun (and hopefully a little more $$$ than we will have in it). As the Subject header noted it is a '68 Triumph. My brother is making videos of the progress for his Triumph Club up in Ohio and I will put links here as I get them.

They are in HD but you might have to click on the "gear" in the lower left corner of the YouTube video if you are not watching it full screen.

The car is one of the last 100 built and has very nice outside sheet metal hardly any dents and no rust on the bolt on parts. I even think most of the tires are the original Red Line Michelins. The car sat outside with a bad convertible top for a LONG time so the floor pans and inner rocker panels are gone. But I have new panels and this is what I do. ..]
The engine area is very honest as they say. It has original heater and radiator hoses and all the clips and hardware is also as it came from the factory.
It is in a storage area 'til June to process paperwork so no updates for a while.
Enjoy and comment if you wish.


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