Daytona Track Tips

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Daytona Track Tips

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As a racer/competitor it would be in my best interest to keep this to my self. ~~:OO:

But as a loyal member of the FIRST COAST COBRA CLUB I am passing this along.
I found this helpful in how to improve lap times on the big course. It also helped me by showing corner speeds thru the infield. When looking at my data I felt that I was really slow thru some of the turns. While I am on some others indicate I am doing well.
The Corvette he is driving should be similar to our Cobras in performance. At least that is what I am telling myself... ~~(::

The video starts with audio only with a black screen for a few seconds...just wait for it and the video comes along.

Enjoy Ken
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Re: Daytona Track Tips

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Excellent tutorial video Ken, the bus stop chicane appears very difficult to anticipate and navigate. Thx for sharing! ..]
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