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I’ve finally come to the point where I have to admit I’m not as smart as a common squirrel. I long ago had to admit I wasn’t as smart as a common ferret either, but that’s another story… :think:

I have a couple of “squirrel proof” bird feeders hanging from branches of a palm tree in my backyard. Until recently, the feeders were quite effective in keeping the critters from decimating the bird seed. Well, it seems the crafty little bastards have figured out how to slip the feeders off the hooks and drop them to the floor where the feeder contents are easy pickings… :roll:

It seemed like the short s-hook was the weak link, so I bent up a thick piece of rebar hoping it would offer better squirrel resistance. Uh uh, this morning, both feeders were on the ground, so I guess it’s game on… :evil:

Now I have to “engineer” a hook system that can stymie the critters…I don’t like my odds, these guys are wily… :lol:
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