Sebring Track driving info

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Sebring Track driving info

Post by mooreken »

I want to do Sebring at least once ..... this looks like good info.

Tom Wells
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Re: Sebring Track driving info

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Not sure I'd remember all 17 turns worth of instructions :auto-rally:

Jim Pomroy is a very good instructor, so I'd have confidence in those hints.

Been there probably four or five track days with the Cobra - highly recommended for adrenaline production.

That was where I learned about oil pressure in long, high speed turns - in particular turn 16. After that, I installed the Accusump.

This was a track day, I think in 2009, when we had 40+ Cobras at the track! You can see my car front row left.
Cobras at Sebring 2009.jpg
Cobras at Sebring 2009.jpg (152.39 KiB) Viewed 721 times
Highly recommended!

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